A Time For Change

In light of the recent allegations against musician Ryan Adams, I want first of all call attention to this disgusting and all too common behavior. White males still have the vast majority of positions of power in the music industry, and many of them use this power for their own sexual advantage. This must not continue and we must do everything we can to raise awareness and call out those who participate in this. 
I also want to remind everyone that no one should be exempt because of their “status”. There are many notable musicians that are considered legends and heroes who have engaged in sexual and psychological abuse of women and minors who seem to get a free pass because of their musical power and this is unacceptable. 
Do some research on Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, Jim Morrison. The list goes on and on. Stand up to current abuse, but also be sure to inform people of the reprehensible acts of the past that have been largely accepted and in some cases glorified because the perpetrators were “artistic geniuses”. Screw that. 
I don’t care how much of a genius millions of people have decided you are. If you abuse people and don’t own up to it, apologize, and do everything you can to make things right, you’re a heartless, brain dead, lump of detritus.

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