Singing To The Children! 

This past Tuesday I had the honor of performing for some very excited 3 year olds in a local ECFE class! Their enthusiasm is so inspiring!

Check out a video from the South Washington Country ECFE Facebook page HERE

Removing The Covers  

In my extended sets, I have always included dozens of cover songs that I love to perform. It's a wonderful experience to connect with a piece of music by bringing your interpretation to it and bringing it into the present moment to share with an audience.

With the recent attention being brought to abusive behavior of some well known musicians, I have decided to begin the process of removing songs from my repertoire that were written by abusive individuals who never publicly and privately made amends with…

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A Time For Change 

In light of the recent allegations against musician Ryan Adams, I want first of all call attention to this disgusting and all too common behavior. White males still have the vast majority of positions of power in the music industry, and many of them use this power for their own sexual advantage. This must not continue and we must do everything we can to raise awareness and call out those who participate in this. 
I also want to remind everyone that no one should be exempt because of their “status”. There are…

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New Shows for 2019! 

Hey everyone! Happy New Year to all of you! There are a bunch of new shows added to the calendar for the upcoming year, with more in the works. I hope to see you soon!

Time to put in your requests! 

The next show at the Tavern in Northfield is less than two weeks away now, and I hope many of you will be there in person! If any of you who plan to attend that or another upcoming show, please let me know as soon as possible if there are any special song requests you have. It could be a cover of a song you love, or a song of mine that you haven't heard in a while. My catalog has grown so immensely in the past couple of years that I can' get all my songs even in a 4 hour set! 




Private Event

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Private Event

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